Sales Excellence

Coaching Sales Leaders

Mind-sets and conversations need to change to achieve sales excellence. This means moving away from command-and-control management to management by coaching.

We are promoters of Plan, Lead, Coach and Facilitate methodology. The most pivotal part of sales excellence is to filter the strategy, goals and way of thinking through all levels of the organisation.  We use leadership management strategies to ensure a complete alignment and cascading of the business strategy from the most senior level through to the sales representative.

As leaders, it is important to learn to be a coach – learning how to instil organisational spirit to win in those around you, and to serve the organisation and employees.

We focus on advancing you towards achieving the leader status so that the strategy cascade is adopted and implemented. Moving from command-and-control management to leadership management requires change management and Soverain Business Consulting equips you with the necessary tools to achieve a seamless transition into Plan, Lead, Coach and Facilitate leadership management.

Plan, Lead, Coach and Facilitate Methodology


Drives goal setting and enhances productivity. Sufficient effort needs to be invested at this stage as this will set the foundation for achievement.

How to align the sales force with the strategy
- High performance rolling plan
-Managing the urgent and important tasks


By example shows the management team that the leader is invested in achieving the plan. This drives cohesion within the team and ensures that sales excellence filters through the organisation.

How to cascade the strategy down the organisation
- Linking KPIs with strategies and actions
- Achieving buy-in from all stakeholders


Facilitates thinking that aligns to sales excellence. Here, mental obstacles are removed and big picture thinking is instilled. Problem-solving begins here.

Coach sales leaders how to achieve coherence so that the vision and goals are achieved
- Having coaching conversations and expanding thinking
- Tools provided to coach your team to sales excellence


Provides a structure to ensure that revision occurs so that the team stays focused and on course to achieve their goals and constantly seek solutions.

Establish the focus points for success and implementation of the necessary steps involved to achieve the desired outcomes.
- Revising the plans
- Re-aligning or re-contracting the coaching goals if necessary

Coaching Sales Teams

Once management has been aligned with the organisation’s strategy and goals, the implementation needs to be driven through all the levels of the organisation and most importantly through to the sales team members.

Sales Excellence Coaching with sales people will ensure that the strategy is implemented at a customer level, in turn driving responsibility and accountability within each sales person and ensuring complete alignment of the business strategy, mission and vision. This will provide your organisation with a competitive edge and improved customer service.

Productivity Management

At Soverain Business Consulting, we provide a modern framework for productivity management.

We coach your leadership towards facilitating and advancing productivity within your organisation to ensure your team can help you reach your overall goals… because they want to!

Our methods can be measured
  • A visible change towards performance
  • Improved productivity are sustained
  • Feeling motivated and supported
  • Improved ‘people-experience’ throughout
  • Progress towards productivity is sustained
  • Improved leverage of people and resources
  • Staff retention improves – skills retention
  • Improved relationships leads to greater teamwork
  • Leaders have more time to focus on strategy

The reality is that people management consumes enormous resources and time. Once each member of the team is performing at optimum levels, leaders can focus on planning for the future, strategy implementation and lead the team to be ahead of the curve.

Coaching for sales excellence leads to a productive working environment that is conducive to meaningful feedback ensuring a continuous improvement system is established.

Throughout this process, solutions drive the process forward.

REACH Profiles

REACH Profiles are a selection of specialised profiles and reports that are quick to complete and utilise a mobile-friendly form.

They are easy to read and provide powerful insights for self-awareness, team building, leadership development, sales development and recruitment.

(Source: Dr. Rean Du Plessis Industrial Psychologist who is an accredited consultant for REACH Profiles)

REACH Sales Profiles provide powerful insights into sales excellence:
  • REACH Sales Profiles support a wide selection of specialised applications, including personal growth, team building and sales training.
  • REACH Sales Profiles are administered via a simple format that is both desktop and mobile-friendly, with an average completion time of only 12-15 minutes.
  • REACH Sales Profiles are fully integrated within the REACH Ecosystem, producing reports from participants’ responses without having to retake the survey, including:

This is a thorough review of an individual’s selling style – the way they tend to navigate the sales cycle.

Providing insights based on specific steps (such as building rapport and closing the sale), this report offers an ideal resource for training and developing new sales professionals, while also yielding quantitative and qualitative insights to guide coaching efforts for those more experienced in the profession.

The report is intended for the sales manager, trainer or coach who will guide the individual through a coaching, training or development process to increase sales performance.

This is a comparative analysis involving individuals within a given sales force. This report identifies and compares the dimensions of a personality within a group and contrasts those with attributes of high performing sales professionals.

Insights provided by the report reveal certain markers or attributes that allow leaders to grow their teams in specific stages of the sales process, based on developmental guidance.

The report is intended for the sales manager, trainer or coach who will guide the team through a coaching, training or development process to increase sales performance.

The purpose of this report is to provide a broad overview of your personal style, based on your responses to the REACH Survey.

Your personal style reveals how you may tend to achieve goals and relate to others in common circumstances. The profile provides a summary of your personal style, as well as a graphical placement of your style in comparison to the four profiles: Counsellor, Coach, Driver and Advisor Profiles.

Your profile is determined by the interaction of specific dimensions. Each of the four profiles offers its own key strengths, and no profile is better than the others. While you may be most comfortable acting within your own profile, you can learn to “stretch” to the other profiles over time.

This is a brief overview of an individual’s preferred approach to interpersonal communication.

Presented as a high-level summary, this report is intended for the individual and is often leveraged in workshops and seminars.

The report can be provided to the individual for self-reflection focused primarily on communication.

The REACH Profile has been used globally to critical acclaim in over

*REACH Sales Profiles are marketed by Soverain Business Consulting with the permission of REACH Australia and in association with Authentic Leadership (Pty) Ltd.