Personal Coaching

Welcome to personal coaching. Did you know that Soverain Personal Coaching can facilitate appositive change and improve every aspect of your personal and executive life for the better?

According to Karl a Results Certified Coach we can drive change with real science by embracing Brain-Based Coaching clients can develop greater clarity through self-insight, understanding own potential for an improved sense of direction and focus in today’s uncertain world. (NeuroLeadership Institute™)

Soverain Personal Coaching offers the following services by facilitating positive change to develop a GROWTH mindset* towards:
  • Business start-up and entrepreneurships
  • High performance planning and execution
  • Life purpose, vision, desires and goals
  • Money management and mastery
  • Relationship’s mastery
  • Retirement planning (non-financial)
  • Self-Leadership and habits
  • Stress management
  • Leadership growth
  • Work-Life integration

(Source: GROWTH mindset *Dr. Carol Dweck American Psychologist mindset work)

Executive Leadership Coaching

1. Methodology

Executive leadership and business growth results in outcomes experienced through transformational coaching and a psychological safe space between the coach and the client.

The impact of these outcomes on the leader and the team converges towards real positive change in terms of the goals and desires which then expands into a greater team, and ultimately enables growth at the systemic level of an organisation in a global context.

The coaching process is a collaborative partnership to facilitate positive change by expanding thinking and improving outcomes in terms of personal and professional goals.

(Brain-Based Coaching NeuroLeadership Institute™)

The process aligns with the overall vision, mission and goals of the organisation and the individual, taking into consideration the following key points:

  1. RESULTS The coaching vision, goals/desires and potential outcomes are contracted prior to coaching commences and refined during the first session
  2. EXPECTATIONS A focused bi-weekly, 3 weekly or monthly coaching approach is most suited to see real positive change and development ensuring we meet our clients expectations
  3. RETURN ON VALUE A feedback report detailing outcomes achieved and next steps will be compiled at the end of the coaching period showing the client the return on value

Making use of our integrative coaching methodology which has been adopted by Soverain Business Consulting, we also use a variety of coaching tools blended to establish a methodology to coach you and your team to leadership excellence.

We aim at aligning the function of “the self” to the desired outcomes, with the goals and actions generated through facilitating positive change that need to be implemented by the executive to ensure success.  All of this is underpinned by integrative coaching to continually assess the results and align back to the overall vision.

We can coach-the-coach and provide training through knowledge transference by our facilitators who has a wide range of coaching qualifications.

Coach the coach

  • This focuses on teaching the leader or leadership team, the skills to remove many of the people issues that can get in the way of success.
  • This allows real time problem resolution, team motivation and transferring of skills onto your team


Team Training

  • We incorporate a think-tank setting, were our facilitators bring the team together to gain the required knowledge and skills set out by management.
  • This advances the team to achieving targets, hard metrics set out by the organisation and personal success within the team.

Business Coaching

We tailor the coaching process to each clients specific needs:

  • Exploratory meeting
  • Coaching proposal/agreement (aligned with ICF requirements)
    – customisation of the coaching framework (based on mandate)
    – require input from management
    – coaching package
    – fees
  • Matching (coach and coachee)
  • Client engagement letter (brief overview)
    – role clarification coach and client (coachee)
    – required input from management 
    – length of sessions
    – duration of coaching program
    – session preparation
    – confidentiality
    – commitment requirements
    – reporting requirements
  • Pre-Coaching preparation and reflection
  • Coaching starts
  • Contracting coaching vision and goal setting
  • Coaching continues
  • End-stage coaching
  • Final reporting
Once tailored, example coaching Sales Leaders process

Session 1-3
Start coaching

Session 4
Team coaching – aligning the team and the leader

Session 5-7
Midway coaching

Session 8
Team coaching

Session 9
Midway report and feedforward*

Session 10-12
End-stage coaching

Feedforward* meeting – Submit final report and determine next steps

(Source: Permission from Outperformance/Eileen Thayser for the use of Business Coaching Process and templates)
(Source: Feedforward* Peter W. Dowrick)