Our tailored approach

Soverain Business Consulting was founded in response to the need expressed by so many clients to have a coaching and mentoring service that is flexible to meet their needs and business challenges.

Clients regularly tell us that they are not looking for a generic solution – they want a tailored approach that is specifically designed for their business type and the unique challenges that they are experiencing.

While we have developed our own blended methodologies and tools, the actual implementation of these are client-specific which means that the alignment of the tools and methods differs based on the requirements and goals. We approach each client with high energy to optimise the timeline from the initial consultation to the result.

Our approach blends traditional business and outcome-based processes (such as tangible results, strategy alignment, productivity and efficiency, implementation and execution) with an equal emphasis on more subtle aspects such as inspiration, willingness to achieve, inherent drive and the desire for excellence.

Master your mind

Applying neuroscience

Mastering your mind is an approach to skills development that is centred around your intrinsic way of thinking.

In principle, human beings manifest their thoughts and live out their personal lives and careers aligned to those thoughts.  A successful life and career cannot be constructed through a negative mind-set.  Negative thinking physically hinders individuals from reaching their optimum success and skillsets.

Negative thinking can infiltrate workplaces, moving from one negative thinking or feeling individual throughout the entire workplace to bring down company morale.  A negative-minded leader cannot reach their potential success and as such cannot guide other people around them towards their desired levels of success.

We often find that people demonstrate negative behaviour through the following mindsets:

These mindsets can develop due to a stressful working environment, new work challenges, changes in job responsibility or working structure, uncertain company future and pressure to perform.

Our coaching skills rooted in neuroscience address self-limiting believes and  self-sabotaging behaviours. When people understand these challenges, they can take control of them, defeating them and ultimately restoring a positive way of thinking.

Through Brain-Based Coaching, positive thought pathways will be fortified and result in behavioural changes that is sustained and conducive to fulfilling your desires for a healthy business culture.

Karl holds a BBCC Brain-Based Coaching Certificate™ from the NeuroLeadership Institute™.